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11/7/2019 1:45:43 PM by Jackie Latragna

Best Hikes Near Montrêux

Looking for the best place to hike? Montrêux is just minutes away from multiple hiking locations.

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11/4/2019 10:43:06 AM by Jackie Latragna

Safe Trick-or-Treating for All of Our Little Monsters

Trick-or-treating is a great time for children to dress up and eat too much candy, but safety is a bigger concern than ever. Your child will be safe here in Montrêux.

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10/11/2019 11:20:08 AM by Evan Neuhauser

Basketball Clinics with Coach John

Coach John Carlson is back on courts teaching our student athletes at Montrêux a few things about basketball. 

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10/5/2019 3:56:51 PM by Evan Neuhauser

Tennis at Montreux

Tennis at Montrêux has become more popular than ever. Read more to discover why. 

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