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*Owners will be duly noticed for each meeting per NRS 116*

The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for June 30, 2020. Due to the Covid19 situation the meeting may be conducted via teleconference verses the traditional manner.


For general inquiries or information, please contact Mike Joseph (775) 853-9056

HOA Documents, Policies, and Forms

Larry Champagne – President
James Pickett – Secretary
Rod Nussbaum – Treasurer
Gale Kraft – Vice-President
Dick Walker – Director

James Pickett - Architect/Facilities
Gale Kraft - Communication
Rod Nussbaum - Finance
Dick Walker - Fire Safety
Larry Champagne - Legal

Scott Christy
Gary Hull
Stan Jaksick
James Pickett
Gail Richie
Steve Sederquist